Facility Use

The City of Mendota offers various facilities that may be used by individuals or groups. Those interested in utilizing City facilities must submit a facility use application (and required documentation) to Mendota City Hall, pay the applicable fees, and be issued a facility use permit. Applications are accepted all year long. To access the facility use application, please click here. To access the facility use application in Spanish, please click here.

Pursuant to Mendota Municipal Code Section, no City facility may be used for any pre-advertised gathering or by groups of twenty-five (25) or more people without a facility use permit.

Facility Use Fees
To view a list of the fees for the soccer field and baseball fields, please click here.

For information on the rental fees for all other facilities, please call City Hall at (559) 655-3291.

Annual Consideration of Exclusive Facility Use Applications
Every year, the City of Mendota considers facility use applications requesting the exclusive use of City facilities by individuals or groups. Applications for the annual consideration of the exclusive use of facilities must be submitted to City Hall by the last day of February. Applications will be considered by the City Council (or Recreation Commission) at its first meeting in March. Applications submitted after the February deadline will be considered by the City Manager, and will be deemed secondary to exclusive facility use permits. The deadline to submit a exclusive facility use application for 2023 is February 28, 2023. To access the facility use application, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Mendota City Hall at (559) 655-3291.