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Nestled in the heart of California’s Central Valley and located in Fresno County, the City of Mendota has much to offer its residents and visitors. With a rich heritage and a profound sense of community pride, Mendota’s charm is reflected in its recent downtown revitalization projects and vibrant community-sponsored events. Known as the “Cantaloupe Center of the World,” Mendota thrives on its robust agricultural economy, which serves as the backbone of the city. The spirit of Mendota is woven into the fabric of its community, where tradition and progress harmoniously coexist, making it a welcoming and dynamic place to call home.


Safe Routes to School in Mendota

Every student deserves a safe and healthy future. That is why the City of Mendota prepared a Safe Routes to School Master Plan thanks to funding from the State’s Active Transportation Program. The city wants to improve the health and safety of the students and...

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